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FPDN Explainer: NDIS Review and FPDNs involvement

By December 6, 2023December 7th, 2023No Comments

What is the review?

The review will look at how the National Disability Insurance Scheme can do better

  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Review looked at the design, operations and sustainability of the NDIS. It will also look at ways to make the market and workforce more responsive, supportive and sustainable.

FPDN believes the NDIS can do better and welcomes the review

  • FPDN has always advocated for a more inclusive NDIS. FPDN has welcomed the review as the implementation of NDIS has had extensive problems in delivering on its promises to our community.

What should you know about the review?

FPDN doesn’t know what the recommendations are yet

  • FPDN hasn’t seen the final recommendations, so we don’t know if our recommendations and contributions have been included in the way we would want them to be.

Other changes will need to happen before changes to the NDIS happen

  • NDIS is only one part of the sector and that we need a more inclusive approach across all sectors and jurisdictions before changes to the NDIS occur.

The Disability Royal Commission and NDIS recommendations may be similar

  • There will be some DRC recommendations the same as the NDIS recommendations, but there will also be different ones.

We are looking forward to attending the Hon. Minister Bill Shorten’s Press Club speech on Thursday 7th December


What is FPDNs involvement?

FPDN has been working with the review in multiple ways, including talking to community and getting suggestions from multiple groups

  • FPDN has been deeply involved in the review through undertaking community engagement, participating in co-design groups, and providing our own submissions and contributing to other organisations’ submissions.

FPDN will speak more on the review once it is released

  • Once the recommendations of the NDIS Review are released, FPDN will be spending time reviewing the report and will:
    • Provide key messages to community
    • Engage with community during the coming months to continue to hear the voices of mob with disability on the recommendations to make sure we get our feedback right