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Ten priorities to address disability inequity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities for the National Disability Strategy and National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

FPDN launched a 10-point-plan for the implementation of the NDIS in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, with bipartisan support, in 2013. In 2018, FPDN is launching an updated document to include all First Peoples with disability.

Not all people with disability are eligible for the NDIS, and while the original 10-point-plan still has merit, the new plan must be broader and more comprehensive. The national rollout of the NDIS is now well underway and these priorities are informed by the experiences of our people through a period of significant change in the disability sector.

A key aspect is the requirement that appropriate companion schemes and services are available and accessible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the long-term. These priorities are intended to form the foundation for a comprehensive national plan collaboratively created to ensure that the services and supports provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are disability accessible, culturally appropriate and will work in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This can be achieved by adopting a whole of community approach.

The plan should be based on the ten priorities identified by FPDN and be developed by using three pillars:

  • Build the capacity of communities and individuals to understand their rights and entitlements
  • Invest to create a First People’s Community Controlled service sector
  • Develop and support an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce
Download the Ten Priorities

In conclusion, we acknowledged that common goals, and respectful partnerships such as those between the national representative disabled people’s organisations, between the First Nations national peak and community controlled organisations, and between FPDN and governments are key to achieving the outcomes outlined above. Together we must stay the course.