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 Our core values

  • Recognition and respect for human rights, and in particular for the human rights of First Peoples and First Peoples with disability
  • Equality of outcomes for First Peoples with disability with other members of Australian society through equal opportunity, non-discrimination and affirmative action
  • Empowerment of First Peoples with disability and their families to direct their own lives and to secure the resources that they need to participate on an equal basis with others in Australian life
  • Access to justice for First Peoples with disability
  • Inclusion of First Peoples with disability in all aspects of Australian life
  • Respect for the Elders of First Peoples nations across Australia and for their efforts over time to secure justice for their peoples and communities. In particular, we honour those Elders who have worked to secure justice for First Peoples with disability and their families
  • Respect for the culture and history of Australian First Peoples and recognition of the ongoing importance of that culture in our contemporary lives
  • Recognition and respect for the lived experience of First Peoples with disability and their families as the central driver of our work
  • Recognition of the richness and diversity of Australian First Peoples communities across Australia

 Our core principles

  • We work within a social model of disability, which recognises that disability is produced by barriers to equality and participation for people with impairments that must be dismantled.
  • We work with First Peoples with disability, their families and communities across Australia, to ensure that our work reflects their diversity and priorities.
  • We work with all First Peoples communities to create and maintain a safe and secure place for the exchange of ideas, the building of alliances, and the formulation of priorities, between and across community divides.
  • We are passionate, determined, and committed to our work.
  • We lead change, not react to it.
  • We are innovative, creative, and solution-focused.
  • We are accountable in all aspects of our work to First Peoples with disability and their families, our communities, and to the community generally.