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Increase Disability Support Pension now to deal with coronavirus

By March 26, 2020No Comments

People with disability who receive the Disability Support Pension (DSP) urgently need access to the increased Coronavirus Supplement of $550 per fortnight, consistent with the Jobseeker Payment and other payments recently announced.

People with disability who are in receipt of DSP are experiencing and facing additional, unforeseen costs in
this time of crisis, which is causing significant levels of distress and anxiety, and only serving to further
entrench DSP recipients into poverty.

It is well recognised that 50% of people with disability already live in poverty so additional costs at this time
are ‘tipping people with disability over the edge.’

Currently, less than 10% of the population of people with disability in Australia are supported by the NDIS
and are therefore unable to access and pay for the additional supports and services they may require during
this unprecedented crisis.

Our organisations are receiving large volumes of calls and contacts from people with disability who are
confused and distressed by the exclusion of DSP recipients from the Coronavirus Supplement of $550 per

We urgently ask that the Australian Government act swiftly to include DSP recipients in the Coronavirus
Supplement to ensure that people with disability are not further disadvantaged by the impact of the

We also take this opportunity to reiterate that the Australian Government must immediately suspend all
mutual obligation and work for the dole requirements, particularly for people with disability.

We are also concerned at the ongoing lack of access to the My Gov website (and NDIS portal) and strongly
recommend that the Australian Government urgently address this issue, which is having a serious impact on
people with disability, their families, and support persons.

Endorsed by:

  • Australian Federation of Disability Organisations
  • Blind Citizens Australia
  • Children and Young People with Disability
  • Disability Advocacy Network Australia
  • Every Australian Counts
  • First People Disability Network Australia
  • Inclusion Australia
  • National Ethnic Disability Alliance
  • People with Disability Australia
  • Physical Disability Council of NSW
  • Women with Disabilities Australia
  • Down Syndrome Australia
  • Women with Disabilities Victoria

For more information, check out our Coronavirus community information webpage here