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Media Release: New resources about COVID vaccine for First Peoples with disability

By March 31, 2021No Comments

A range of new accessible, culturally appropriate resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability have been released today by the peak body First Peoples Disability Network.

“Our community urgently needs information about the vaccine, so we have created a poster with culturally relevant information and artwork to let people know about what is happening and why,” said Damian Griffis, CEO of First Peoples Disability Network (FPDN).

“During the pandemic, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability found it hard to get the right information about what was happening, and it looks like those lessons haven’t been learnt when it comes to the vaccine roll out.”

Uncle Paul Constable Calcott has created artwork that clearly explains what the vaccine is, how it works, and encourages people to participate in the roll out.

The images show a syringe, filled with vaccine warriors, ready to battle the COVID virus and protect Elders and everyone in community.

The Disability Royal Commission hearing about COVID-19 in 2020 heard that accessible, appropriate information about public health orders and changing rules was difficult to find, and many advocacy organisations, such as FPDN, produced their own for people with disability.

“We are urgently calling for all levels of government to improve their communications about the vaccine for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability,” said Mr Griffis.

“First Peoples with disability worked hard to stay safe during COVID-19. Our organisation heard from people every day about how hard it was to know what was happening.”

“Our community needs to be a priority during this vaccine rollout. We’ll be distributing these resources widely, and they can be downloaded from our website.”

Download resources:

More information:

El Gibbs, [email protected], 0419 290788