2022 NSW Closing the Gap Community Consultations
28 February – 31 March 2022

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As part of our commitment to regular and ongoing engagement with Aboriginal communities under the Closing the Gap agreement, NSW CAPO is hosting over 30 Community Consultation sessions across NSW.

The Community Consultations are an opportunity for Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal organisations to guide the development of the Closing the Gap NSW Implementation Plan for 2022-2024.

The Consultations will be held from 28 February – 31 March 2022. They will detail how previous consultations have shaped a range of initiatives that have been developed across the Closing the Gap Priority Reform areas and Socio-Economic Outcome targets to address the needs previously identified by communities.

We now need to hear from Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal organisations about these initiatives before the NSW Implementation Plan is drafted, to make sure we’re on the right track. We also need to hear from you to make sure that future initiatives being developed to address the Priority Reform areas and Socio-Economic Outcome targets are driven by community voices and designed for community interests.

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Priority Reforms

The NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Peaks (NSW CAPO) is currently looking for your feedback to the 2021 engagement sessions on Closing the Gap. The National Agreement on Closing the Gap is built around four Priority Reforms to change the way in which governments work with Aboriginal People. There is also a NSW specific priority reform on economic prosperity.

The priority reforms are:

Formal partnerships and shared decision making
Building the community-controlled sector
Transforming government organisations
Shared Access to Data and Information at a Regional Level
Economic Prosperity, Business Growth and Employment (additional for NSW)

We want to get your views about what is needed to drive these priority reforms and make the lives of Aboriginal people better. Your views will help to create practical action that could be included in NSW Implementation Plan (NSW IP) to support Aboriginal people, communities and organisations in taking charge of their own lives and development. The NSW IP will include actions to achieve the priority reforms, funding, timeframes and accountability mechanisms.

A Community Companion document has been written to help explain to you more about the National Agreement and the priority reforms and the next steps for NSW.


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