Hip Hop Workshops designed to assist Young People unleash their creativity.

Headphone Hustle is an FPDN community initiative based in Coffs Harbour and is an inclusive program to empower Indigenous youth & diverse learners using Hip Hop workshops & creative expression as a tool to engage youth with disability at risk of homelessness or falling through the gap in the Justice & Education system.

Workshops build transferable skills in songwriting-numeracy & literacy audio, video recording , addresses bullying & builds confidence to create opportunities in employment & education.

Headphone Hustle draws parallels between Hip Hop culture and Aboriginal culture being the elements of music, art, dance, ceremony, fashion and storytelling and how hip hop has been embraced as a sub culture as a common ground for many people all over the world.

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Time to Heal Country

Through a series of Headphone Hustle Workshops, Young People living on Gumbayngirr Country (Coffs Harbour, New South Wales) wrote and performed this song with an important message in line with the NAIDOC Theme for 2021 – Heal Country.